Digital Detox

The reading talks about the side effects and dependencies of the use of electronic devices. Most people live in an era when daily life is impossible without using electronic devices. Digital Detox explains that it gives our bodies a rest without using electronic devices for a certain period of time. At Reading, that doesn’t mean you’re going to hang up the Internet. No one would expect that from us right now. Thinking of this as dieting and replacing bad habits with healthy ones can give our tired eyes the necessary break time from technology.(Chen, 2020). I think this is the subject of his article. We are not cutting off the Internet, we are saying that we should stop using electronic devices for a while and give our bodies a rest. I think I am addicted to electronic devices and the Internet. Since the coronavirus started, I have a tendency to use my cell phone until I am about to go to sleep. To put it simply, I think there has been a lot of unnecessary use. Using electronic devices, I check news, check mail, and even do non-face-to-face classes. I think it is an ideal Internet habit so far, but I always do Instagram other than checking mail, non-face-to-face classes, and checking news. And when I lie on the bed, I watch YouTube until I fall asleep. My daily life makes me worry about my future. Because I am wasting a lot of time because of my dependence on electronic devices, and it has become difficult to live my daily life.

The way to reduce stress or anxiety that I am experiencing is to do digital detox. As mentioned in the reading, it evaluates what part of screen time makes me feel toxic and unhappy.(Chen, 2020). I think Instagram and YouTube already make me unhappy, so I think I should reduce the frequency of using Instagram and YouTube. Also, in order to reduce stress caused by using electronic devices, I make my daily life busy. My daily routine is to reduce the amount of time I spend on electronic devices by organizing my daily schedule. In my experience, using electronic devices makes my eyes and head tired. As a result, I didn’t want to do anything, and I kept wanting to use electronic devices. I think I need to plan a busy daily life and live a more productive life. If you are constantly busy, you will naturally move away from electronic devices. Also, I couldn’t sleep because I was using electronic devices for about two hours before I went to sleep. The way to reduce my anxiety is to keep my electronic charger away from my bed. As a result, I will not lie down and use electronic devices, and I will be able to fix bad habits.



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